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Why does most black dudes like thick chicks instead of them skinny chicks ?
every black dude I have talked to or know talks to the thick girls why is that ?
because theyre tighter.
Fat Butt, Thick Thigh Black Chicks and Anorexic White Girls...?
A lot of white guys I know find black girls w/ fat butts and thick thighs to be an unattractive thing. They think it's too much. Sloppy or whatever. Any white guys out there who feel this way, please elaborate on that. Just curious. Thanks.

Also, pick one: What's MORE disgusting... Truly anorexic chicks or fat butt, thick thigh girls? (This one's not about race. Just the girl.) Thanks again.
One man's junk is another man's gold. No one forces anyone to find a certain body shape attractive and thank God for that. A little tolerance might go a long way. Overweight people (male and female) are VERY aware of their size, the same applies to the anorexic. If you don't find a certain type attractive then don't date them, but that doesn't give anyone the right to put them down just because they don't fit your requirements.
What do black people mean when they refer to "thick chicks"? is it derogatory?
whats da deal wiv dat?

i always hear black guys hollering and cheering on "thick chicks"...are the meaning dis in a bad way or good way?!

what does it mean?
Big bitches is what it means
Do I (a Thick Black Chick) Stand a Chance?
Ok so I was talking to one of my good black friends a few days ago (Call her Mel) and we were talking about cute guys and which type we would like to date (we are both single)
I told her I am really attractive like guys who are either goth, emo, punk, skater boy or have that type of style and how I wish I could find one that would want to date me because I think we would have a lot in common and i really think they are cute :)
well she laughed and said 'don't hold your breath'
confused i asked her why
and she said 'those guys will never date a black girl...they only date skinny blond chicks who either wear lots of make up or are really pale'
shocked I told her I don't think that is true and she told me it is because her cousin tried to date a goth but he turned her down (when I asked her which one because I know most of her family she said she couldn't say) she then went on to say stop dreaming because those type of guys will never date a black chick...especially goths and emos because they hate black people all together and that the only white guys I should try to go after are the "want to be down" ones because they are the only white boys who like thick girls like me
I was very upset at this because 1) I never thought she would ever say something like this (i am really rethinking our friendship) 2) i cant help but wonder is that true?
I dont think it is but I am still thinking about it
So what do y'all think???
"she told me it is because her cousin tried to date a goth but he turned her down"

One bad experience doesn't mean every goth/emo/punk guy is like that. Everybody has a different taste.

Down here in L.A, I see tons of white or black goths and punks dating black girls (thick, thin, tall, short, whatever). So you just have to keep looking and you'll find one with similar tastes and interests.

Good luck :)
Culturally speaking : When a black chick tells you she 's thick is that code word for fat ?
there is a very thin line between thick and fat

thick means you have a slim waist but big butt and hips

most chicks claiming thick are fat,why do they do this ???

i hear alot of black guys complain about this to me
oh snap

the sistahs is gonna come running wild son hahaha
Black Men Only: Tell me why ya'll like fat chicks rather than thick?
Because I think the word (thick) has been confusing to some people. Ok thick is the size of what Janet Jackson was,Kenya Moore, and etc.,. but when you come down to buffy the body, andressa soares, etc.,. thats not thick that's cuddley and fat. And when you do see a thick athelitic type chick they say they slim,why is that? So tell me why you guys like fat chicks rather than thick chicks?
I perfer thick chicks actually.
Why do black men like thick women instead of the skinny ones?
What is it about thick chicks that lures them in more then a skinny one?
It's cultural. Black Caribbean men and African men like thick women too.
Heck, all black men naturally gravitate toward women with legs and butt unlike white men who prefer big titties
What does it mean when a black woman asks if she can back it up and dump it on me?
I thought I was in the best club in Detroit, but some fine thick black chick came up to be asking if she can back it up and dump it on me. I'm scared :(
She wants to get busy.
Ay black people, do you think the stereotype is true about black chicks being "thicker"down south?
Ay black people, do you think the stereotype is true about black chicks being "thicker"down south?

I'm from the south and have been up north a few times but usually for no longer than a for a few days...for someone who has spent extended amounts of time in this stereotype somewhat true?
im blk and i have no butt nor boobs
and im a stick.....sooo yea stereotypes arent always true
thats y they r stereotypes
Why do fat white chicks think black men are talking about them when we say "thick"?
this is thick………

this is not…

©, thick black chicks