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Whats wrong with me I am white but only attracted to thick black women?
and some hispanic ones. I dont listen to rap or anything but for some reason the only girls I find attractive are dark *** black girls. Is there a way to be attracted to the women of my race.
Get over it.Nothing wrong with you.
Just enjoy it and treat the ladies with respect.
Keep it real homey,lol
Im a good looking guy i need a sex black femalewith a big duke that stay in birmingham thats thick in all the?
im a cute guy looking for a fine *** black woman who stay in birmingham al..
Get your dukes up...
What does it mean if you call a woman "thick".?
I am not skinny but I am also not fat. I would say I am a curvy girl. I have hips, breasts and an ***. I have only been called "thick" by black men and I don't know if it is a good think or if I should be offended?
Yes, being thick is a good thing. If you ever watch music videos, you neverrr see a thin girl with no curves, no boobs, and no butt. And to the first answerer about the biology teacher, its a body refers to men being thick in a good way....lmao
What do you think of men with black hair and blue eyes?
this guy with blue eyes and dark hair has a straight nose that looks forced.He is really handsome and intrigued by me. I am a tan black woman with nice breast and a thick juicy ***.
What the hell does it matter what either of you look like? Are you attracted to him? Is he attracted to you? Do you want to date this guy? hook up? As that is all that should matter here. Why his nose looks force or how juicy your behind looks does not matter here at all. Go out on a date, get to know the guy and find out if you two can have fun, laugh, and see if you have things in common. But don't let this dude's looks or yours stop you from getting to know someone. Life is too short to say that you are too hot for this or that person. When in reality that person could be someone you have one of the longest most fullfilling relationships with. So stop acting silly and ask the man out.
Serious Question for Black Men: Why do y'all like "thick women"?
The night before my military processing, I was rooming at this inn with a black guy named Sean. He was pretty cool, and we were talking about women.
I mentioned Kim Kardashian, and Sean said he said she was really fine, and he liked women with thick booty.

Now, I personally love super-super slender women (think ESPN's Erin Andrews or a Scenester girl) with a really tight firm body. I don't care much for big boobs or ***, but a skinny woman is totally boneable (to me).

Is there a reason why y'all are into thick women? I personally find that nasty, though.
More cushion. It hurts when skinny people sit on you, because all you feel is bone lol.

In my personal opinion skinny is nasty.
Why do black girls/woman wear weaves and wigs all the time, like it's the thing to do?
Come on now, really? (yes, I know other women wear weaves as well.) I think that it is okay to wear a weave or a wig on SPECIAL OCCASIONS to add a little thickness or length, but everyday? I especially hate when people wear it down to the middle of their back, or dye it blond!!! (????) The only black people that has hair to the middle of their back, are African's. It is so tacky, they think that it looks cute, but in reality, it looks like a bad *** rug or a dead animal sitting on top of their head.

I am mixed (Black and Panamanian, and their hair is thick and nappy), and yes, I have had a hard time getting my hair to grow, and the only time I ever wore a weave was this past summer when I got extensions (braids), and I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!! Just because I am mixed doesn't necessarily mean that I have "good hair". Spend the extra money and go to the shop and you will be amazed at how much your hair will grow. My hair has been the same length since I was 15, but now it is growing because I go to the shop. Stop wearing so much damn weaves, fake lashes, nails, and so much damn make-up, it's not cute, it really isn't!!! My black is beautiful!


So, my questions is..... why do you feel the need to wear a weave?
Being a black woman, that wear wigs, and my own hair, is because hair isn't who I am, I wear my wigs depending on what I am wearing or what mood I am in, my wigs fit me, No I do not wear wigs down to my back, the are short and sassy like me, I do agree we as black women wear a bit to much, but you must understand, if thats what makes a person feels sexy then more power to them. Second you say you are of mix race, so you truly do not know whats it like to deal with virgn hair a on daily bases, well I do, for you see, I do not put prems in my hair, its all natural, sometimes I may press it but, not as much since I work out, and I just sweat it out. Now I can''t speak for all Black women, only for myself, I have short hair, and I wear my own hear out in the summer, the winter I wear my wigs a bit more, I feel I am beauiful with or with out my wigs, and I think its very flattering.
White woman with black guys?/am i racist,are you racist?
the reason i ask this question is because i had an argument with a very good freind of mine about this issue and race and racisum in genarall PLEASE dont read the first few lines of this question and then report it regarding me as an idiot and or a racist because im not instead carry on reading and give me some logicall answers which is what im searching for thank you

The argument we had was that i made the claim that any white girl that sleeps with a black guy is either thick as s**t or a slut , what do you think??, when i made this statement i didn't put to much thought into why i felt this way needless to say she jumped down my throat and ripped out my tonsils giving me the "I'm a racist" e.t.c e.t.c i took 30 seconds to think to myself why i felt this way and weather indeed i am just a stupid racist idiot and then quite bluntly gave her this answer i said,

when a black guy "sleeps with" a young white girl what do you think goes through his mind? i love you? i really like you?I'm very lucky to be here and hope for you to be my girlfriend? no! 9 times out of ten he will be thinking ,"yeah!,if only your daddy could see you now,take that black ****** *******,

or something along them lines I'm sure,so therefore any white girl who doesnt know this has got to be very thick or she is a slut sleeping with someone who has no respect for her what soever and therefor she has no respect for herself ,this is not to say that all black guys think this way but i am quite sure that this is what the majority of young black guys think ,in the uk anyway this is quite evident when you have groups or "gangs" of young black guys who purposely go out to "score" with young white girls or quite sadly just rape them if they refuse there advances.

I dont class myself as a racist but what i would do is look at the FACTS of any situation and use the facts to reflect on how i feel or how i act, the fact is that most young black guys are not to be trusted to deliver your milk let alone anything else i mean its not just a few bad apples its quite literally the majority of young black men are "bad" or lack the decency and morals which other people seem to hold ,as another example of this a good few months ago now there was a case in the UK where a young white family "mum, dad and two young daughters of 13 and 14 years of age" where celebrating the birthday of one of the young girls bye having a meal in pizza-hut ,

anyway three young black guys walked in all in there early twenties and where trying to hit on these young "age girls" quite blatantly in front of the father "give us your number babe" e.t.c the father quite politely as most people would told them to leave it out telling them that's my daughters and there only 14 ,these guys took no notice of this warning and one of them squeezed the young girls *** as she was getting more pizza ,so the father calmly had a quite word with the store manager and the three black guys were asked to leave ,they didn't like this so as the family left the three guys beat the father to death in front of his young family ,

now this is just an example and you could say well that's just a one off but its not this happens all the time bearing in mind these three black guys wearnt drug addicts or members of any "gang" they were just normal "black guys" two of them where in college ,you could also say well this could have been three white guys ,and well yes it could have been but then again it wasnt and isn't very likely ,i could imagine three white lads maybe hitting on the girls but then quiting after the dad told them to F off that would be a much more likely scenario.

anyway I'm rambling on now,but what I'm saying is that i do think it is wrong for white girls to date black men majoratally speaking and i always have done but on the other hand i dont really class myself as "racist" i have very good friends that are black fellas these friends are good people very trust worthy and i have the up-most respect for them there skin colour doesn't come into it ,i choose my friends wisely one of them is soon to have a baby his girlfriend is white and there very happy together and i dont have a problem with this at-all!, the saying that you cant tar everyone with the same brush is true in this instance but for the most part i wouldn't wee on most of these black guys if they were on fire and you could bet your bottom dollar that they wouldn't wee on me its not racist its common sense being aware or your surroundings and using this to your advantage to survive.

As i just mentioned i have black and mix-race friends all of whom not only listen to what I'm saying but also totally agree with everything Ive just said! not that there racist of there own race but because they are decent intelligent people who can see something for what it is and every one of them would be more trusting towards a white man than another black guy because the majority of black m
You know those moments where you're reading something, then you start to think about something else (because what you're reading is so mind-numbingly boring), then have to read it again? Yeah, happened to me about five times over the course of reading this question.

You're under the impression that your opinions are fact. False.

I like women, regardless of race, end of story. If you don't like it, deal with it.
Do you think that some African Americans are labeled as being oversexed because slaves were forced to breed?
do you think that has anything to do with MOST (if not all) black women having those big guy bearing hips (and thick asses)...and do you think that has anything to do with the myth that black guys have larger than normal penises...i mean if you were linked to being from a background of oversexed breeders then would it be understandable that a rumor could start about you being larger then normal...what is your opinion
To the above poster: "We're labeled as oversexed because people want to point out negativity in us."

BS. There's nothing negative about being 'oversexed', besides I don't see black women being labeled as oversexed, that stereotype is more applied to asian women.
Are these true or false?
T or F?: You are more likely to gain weight eating later in the day as opposed to eating earlier.
T of F?: It is better to eat after you workout as opposed to eating then working out.
T or F?: women put on more weight than men do.
T of F?: It is harder for a women to lose weight then it is for a man.
T of F?: Green tea is good for you
T of F?: Exercising in the morning is better then exercising at night.
T of F?: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Superficially T or F statements

T of F?: If a women other than a black women has a big *** its because she got *** implants.
T of F?: Only black men like thick and curvy women.
T of F?: Skinner women are better then thicker women
T of F?: Bigger beast cause back problems.
This is just for fun not for insults so please don't answer the survey if your not going to be civil! answer it wit your personal opinion
T or F?: You are more likely to gain weight eating later in the day as opposed to eating earlier. ***False***
T of F?: It is better to eat after you workout as opposed to eating then working out. ***Eat some carbs before your workout, and some protein after...carbs give you energy and protein helps your muscles recover and get stronger***
T or F?: women put on more weight than men do. ***False, unless you count in weight gain due to pregnancy***
T of F?: It is harder for a women to lose weight then it is for a man. ***can be true or false, depending on age and your body***
T of F?: Green tea is good for you ***True, but it won't make you lose weight***
T of F?: Exercising in the morning is better then exercising at night. ***False***
T of F?: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. ***True!***

Superficially T or F statements

T of F?: If a women other than a black women has a big *** its because she got *** implants. ***Not true, I know plenty of white/hispanic women with naturally big ***es.
T of F?: Only black men like thick and curvy women. ***Not true***
T of F?: Skinner women are better then thicker women. ***Not true at all***
T of F?: Bigger beast cause back problems. ***True!***
Why do some black females seem to look down on other black females if they wear their hair natural?
I'm not saying this is true for all black females. but it seems like it for some. a lot of black girls at my school will say "ew, look at her nappy ***" or "she needs to get a perm". shouldnt black women be proud of their "natural" and not "nappy" hair instead of trying to fit in, or whatever the reason is for getting relaxers?
I'll be honost, I'm black, and I get perms, and I have been one of the people to say those things. but i have, in a way, grown out of that. i hate getting perms because it takes my hair out, but I still have long thick hair and dont want it natural because it will be all over the place and i dont want to cut it either. i'll probably start pressing it or something.
anyways, back to the point. what i'm saying is. why do you think that some black females find it unattractive for other black females to wear their hair natural? i cant remember why i thought so.
heck yea! i remember when i used to where my hair in a fro, everyone was looking at me as if the never saw hair before!

©, thick ass black woman