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Is the thought of being pregnant sexy to anyone else?
My husband says that the thought of me being pregnant is the hottest thing in the world.
I as well, even fantasize about myself being heavy and pregnant with his baby. It seems like the more I think about it, the more turned on I get.
I am 22 and he is 24, almost 25.
We can't ever stop thinking about it, or talking about it or trying to get me pregnant. I understand that it is human nature to want to procreate, but shouldn't the thought of each other be more sexy than the thought of me being pregnant?
Is this natural? Is my clock ticking?
Wow...first off, don't get pregnant unless you actually want a baby. That has nothing to do with sexy...and is the complete opposite of that.

My wife is pregnant now and she is hotter than ever (well, close too anyway). I can't keep my hands off of her, but UNFORTUNATELY...she doesn't feel good now. She is very nauseous most of the time and even is off limits for a while (Dr's orders). isn't that unusual to see pregnant women as sexy...or fantasize about it. But actually being pregnant can lead to a whole lot of not having if you are ready for guyren, enjoy your pregnancy.
How can anybody find a woman thats Pregnant Sexy?
Im 24 weeks pregnant and feel so unattractive, i hear people talk about how pregnant women are sexy,, i cant seem to fathom the thought,, i feel like a cow!! i cant see sexy behind this belly??
My friend was pregant and still gorgeous as hell through the duration.
Is it OK to buy your pregnant wife sexy outfits?
My wife is 41/2 months pregnant with our first baby. She has always been proud of her looks and careful about her weight.
She is just starting to show and is worried is isn't sexy anymore.
I think she is totally hot. I have never been more sexually attracted to her than now.
I tell (and grope) her constantly how beautiful she is.
What about sexy outfits or lingerie. She is pretty shy and conservative so I doubt she would wear them much.
But would the thought/gesture itself make her feel better?
I think that idea is wonderful. I am 5 months and just started to feel that way too. Pregnant women want to feel sexy and that our partners still find us attractive. Just the gesture would let her know how beautiful you find her to be even as she expands.
How do I be pregnant and sexy?
I am 32 weeks pregnant and I feel so ugly. There is stretch marks all over me and everything is bigger and swollen. I want to do something nice for my husband but I'm not sure what because I just don't feel sexy but I would like to show him a good time when he gets home.
Be confidant with the body you have, thats a huuuggee turn on for men. ;) Go sexy mama!
5 months pregnant and sexy sleepwear for Valentines Day?
I've never been one for sexy sleepwear, but this Valentines Day I plan on getting some. I didn't know if any other woman has looked for lingere while pregnant, I was appalled to realize there is none!

I'm planning on getting a "babydoll" style in a size up from my normal, to account for my small belly [I'll be 20 weeks at the time]

Has anyone seen anything out there for pregnant women?

What are your plans for Valentine's day?
I probly can help you with this because I'm try'na find lingere too. If you can't find any maternity lingere, try to get lingere in a bigger size. That's what I done even-though I have a small belly to be 27weeks but try that instead that might work even better for you. And you go girl.
How do I help my pregnant girlfriend feel sexy?
My Girlfriend is 7 1/2 months pregnant. Like most woman I'm sure, she is feeling fat and unattractive. It seems like no matter what I do, I can't help her feel sexy? What should I do to help her?
It's not just a verbal thing, everyone is saying "tell her" but it's an action too, show her she's sexy, show her you desire her (but not just for sex). Touch her, tell her that she turns you on, and how sexy you think she is being a mom, carrying your guys' baby, touch her belly a lot, and don't give up, more and more just keep touching her, and telling her how beautiful she is. I wouldn't suggest planning something that she needs to dress up for, because trying to dress up nice makes me feel even more unattractive (currently pregnant with my first). Rub her head and back and feet for her, sweet talk her and just keep touching her, touching her will let her know that you think she's beautiful, that you want to touch her. When I have my "fat" days, if my husband goes out of his way to stroke my belly or legs or soemthing, and shows that he desires me it helps in soo many ways.
Something that might really help, take her out to get a manicure, pedicure, hair wash/style/dye whatever she wants. That helped me a lot getting a "makeover" but bring it up in a way that she knows you love the way she looks, but maybe for her refreshment, maybe a girls day at the spa with massages or something for her and her best of friends.
Good luck to you, sounds like your a great guy.
If she's not interested still, just know that she won't be pregnant forever, and her body is going through soo many changes it is sometimes hard for woman.
**HUGS** Toni Lynne
Girls, do you find the thought of a guy getting you pregnant sexy?
Would you find it a turn on knowing that a guy wants to get you pregnant?

Do you think there is something sexy about knowing a guy wants you to make his baby?

Let me clarify, it may just be fantasy and you don't want guys yet, but its the idea of it...
maybe sexy and creepy at the same time. sexy that hed want to make that kind of commitment.. creepy that hes just like "i want you to bare my guyren"
like who says that ?
but no i gotcha. i understand.
Do you find a pregnant woman still sexy?
If you have a girlfriend or wife, and she is pregnant, and she has always been pretty and attractive, is she still sexy being pregnant?, not fat but pregnant.
OH YES. Very sexy.
Why do I find pregnant women to be sexy?
I think that pregnant women are the most beautiful and gorgeous women. Now don't get me wrong I love my girlfriend and find here to be drop dead gorgeous and I can't wait to be to the part of my life where we are looking to start a family, but I just find pregnant women to be attractive in a very different yet still very sexy way. Can you explain?
i think that's so sweet and that you would be a great boyfirend /husband one day!
: D
Why do I find Pregnant women to be sexy?
I think that pregnant women are the most beautiful and gorgeous women. Now don't get me wrong I love my girlfriend and find here to be drop dead gorgeous and I can't wait to be to the part of my life where we are looking to start a family, but I just find pregnant women to be attractive in a very different yet still very sexy way. Can you explain?
Pregnant women are very sexy, plain and simple. They are doing something that no one else can do. They are making huge sacrifices for their guy and partner and this is genuine and almost angelic. I think you probably find them sexy because you want to have guyren one day so the sight of a woman expecting touches depths in your soul that you haven't been able to personally experience yet. You look at them in a "wow, you're doing something so incredible" way. That makes them appealing to you. I think it's great to hear someone say this because so many men just look at pregnant women as "fat" or "unavailable" because they are having a baby. More women should hear that they are sexy while pregnant because it's a hard time to keep up your self image.

For the person who said you're sick and're an idiot! How could you say something like that? This man is not saying he wants to run around having sex with every pregnant woman he sees, he's just being honest that pregnant women are sexy and beautiful, which they most certainly are! Don't be such a jerk next time!!!!

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