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Why do women still pee squatting or sitting?
You would think, that as many years we have had for evolution to set in, we would of have evolved where it wouldnt be so messy taking a pee :P What do you girls think?
They say there are no stupid questions, just stupid people.
My 4mth old puppy is squatting to go pee and not even going then?
When she is going there is a small amount of blood in her urine. She seems to be acting fine as usual, just squatting to pee more than normal and not even going.
If she has blood in her urine and can't pass urine, then she needs to see a vet today. She most likely has some sort of guyney or bladder problem. Could be stones, could be a UTI, etc. But in any event, she needs a vet today!………
Why does my dog continue to pee after he is done squatting?
I have a 3 month old golden retriever who squats to pee, stands back up and the urine continues to flow until it stops (about 30-45 seconds). Any Ideas?
well saying that it is still a young dog, it probably doesn't know how 2 control its self
My dog is squatting to pee but no pee is coming out?
My dog is squatting to pee and is contracting her stomach but no pee is coming out because of that she is not pooing too.Please suggest a home remedy as Vets are very expensive.
i know you dont want to hear it from us, but you need to take her to a vet... She may only be 6 months old but she may have urinary tract problems and since were not vets and cant see your dog, how can we know whats wrong and suggest a home remedy. Talk to the vet, you may be able to set up a payment plan, because your baby deserves to feel better... What would make YOU feel better...saving money or a dead dog that was YOUR fault... The guilt would drive me to insanity... So not to hurt your feelings, but take her to the doctor. If he says whats wrong with her then maybe there is a home remedy out there, but until then i wouldnt chance her life.... Hope i helped and didnt offend LEBE
Women, If your sick of squatting; why not start learning how to pee standing?
There was a website I vaugely remember which is now offline. that had information about this skill. but would women really want to pee standing up instead of squatting?
There used to be a web site all about female urinals, but it disappeared a few years ago. The site also gave instructions to girls on how to pee standing up. I have yet seen any of the urinals (other than in pictures) and I can’t imagine that they would go over very well, but I did read the instructions on, and learned to pee standing up (it takes practice) – and that has come in handy on several occasions. Think about camping.
Is it real that when a dog is sterilised early, it will squat down and pee, not lift up its leg and pee?
I've helped my cousin take care of her dog before. He is not sterilised and he pees by lifting his leg so my wall gets his pee. I hated this to happen, so if I get a dog of my own, will she pee squatting down when I sterilise her at a young but old-enough age?
most girl dogs squat any way and boys lift their leg.
Why does my 6 mnth old shepard/lab mix keep squatting inside but doesnt pee?
i just got a 6 month old shepard/ black lab mix today from someone who couldnt keep her anymore bc of their parents. she didnt pee all day and then at night she peed twice in the house (which were little tiny spots) and then she squatted again but did nothing....what does that mean
Is there any strain? get her pee checked it could be a uti.
Do all male cats pee squatting down mine does...
I opened the flap while my cat was on the loo and he was squatting while peeing
Yes this is how they pee when they use the litter tray, when marking their territory they raise their bottom upwards to wee up the walls etc especially when they are out doors but this is scent marking rather than peeing.
Poll/survey: is standing up to pee instead of squatting to pee in a girls public restroom the new way to go?
yes or no

Are a few toilet seats left up because boys are using the girls restroom...btw: to boys---unless you're with your mommy don't think you can get away with this for long

and no it's not the janitor
your questions are scaring me
Male puppy squatting to pee?
We have litter box trained our male pug, he is about 4 months, he always squats to pee, and I'm GLAD he does, but I was wondering will he always do this, or will he start lifting his leg to pee? I can't imagine him hitting his mark in the litter box if he lifts there any way I can keep him squatting forever? I know this sounds stupid, lol.
I have a male dog as well and he squats too. He's two now and he still does. I wouldn't worry about it. I think he'll continue to pee that way just like my dog. I know it sounds dumb but I like it too.

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