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Can pregnant women drink Naked juice?
I bought two bottles of the Naked juice assuming it would be ok. However, I didn't read much on the label & I missed that it said "lightly pasteurized" and I know that unpasteurized is not good when pregnant.
Not supposed to. It says "gently pasteurized" means it isn't fully pasteurized and could still harbor some bacteria? I have 3 guys and my doctor told me no with the first and I never did. It's not a risk you wanna take even if the percentage of anything happening is low.
Why do pregnant women deliver naked?
I seen on the baby shows how some women are in bikinis and some are buck naked.. when i had my son i was in a gown. what does it do? why do they like being naked and out there?
I started with a gown on during labor, but once the urge to push came I tore that thing OFF! I had an induced labor without any pain meds, and by that time I was so high from endorphins and in SO much pain that nothing - and I mean nothing - mattered besides getting my baby out of me. All modesty seriously flew out the window LOL

Also, I was switching positions so often during the early stages of pushing (sitting up, squatting, hanging over the bar, etc) that the gown was just ridiculous and in the way.

When I finally pushed the little girl out, she was put on my stomach and found her own way to my breast and latched right on in no time flat - it was amazing! That would have been much harder to do with a gown or bra on, and it would not have been fun to try to maneuver out of my clothes after all that!

Just one woman's story ;)
What Do Pregnant Women Wear Bikinis?
Why do girls wear bikinis when their pregnant? Honestly noone wants to see your huge belly or a half naked pregnant woman. I find it repulsive.
While I agree with your outlook and do not want to see pregnant women in bikinis, I do not agree with your statement that "Honestly noone wants to see your huge belly or a half naked pregnant woman". There are plenty of people who find that very attractive. While YOU (and I) do not want to see it, that does not mean that others don't, because there are some who do.
What makes pregnant women think it's attractive to wear clothes that show their naked bellies?
People debate whether a mother should breast feed in public, but who wants to see naked abdominal bulges complete with stretch marks and a pierced navel. Is this a sign of beauty?
I'm sure the parasite growing in them is somehow affecting their judgment. When you see this you should politely tell them, "You have a parasite growing in you that is making it difficult for you to make rational decisions." And then laugh like a maniac and run away screaming, "The popsicles are melting in my head."
Why do pregnant women look so ugly while naked?
I mean to me pregnant women just look ugly I dunno what it is but like a lot of things about it just don't work for me

do a lot of pregnant women still get attention or you basically just chillin a lot?
LOL chillin that made my day

i so agree....why do women have to look so bad when theyre pregnant and worn out afterwards...doesnt make me want to knock up a broad lol
Have you ever seen a very pregnant woman naked before?
I saw 1 for the first time today. I was in the gym locker room and this very pregnant woman was completely nude showering, taking her time wahsing her boobs and belly, and it was really hard not to stair.
LOL Boy, that must have been awkward for you. I bet you couldn't help it. ;) Thankfully, I've never seen a nude pregnant woman other than myself... and boy, is it a sight. It's just unusual compared to how most women look naked, and pretty fascinating.

I envy that this woman is so comfortable with her figure that she would shower publicly and not even bother to hurry!

I find it a little disturbing that one girl on here tells you that you're sick for staring, but then advises you where to find pictures of naked pregnant women! What the heck?
How do I deal with being almost 9 months pregnant and my bf looks at half naked women on-line?
There have been a few times I've said something to my bf about him watching porn and looking at pics online; it makes me feel like crap. I've gained quite a bit of weight that I feel down about as it is but I'm pregnant so I deal with it in knowing I can lose the weight after our son is born. Anyway I obsessively check the pc to see what he looks at when I'm in bed and he's not or when I have to run out and he's home alone. I end up freaking out, feeling less attractive that he has too look at other women and he hardly touches me anymore, maybe we make love once every 2 weeks or more. I told him it makes me feel terrible but he assures me its just a natural guy thing and it has nothing to do with how he feels for me but it still makes me sick to my stomach when I see he's still looking. Should I just get rid of the pc? How do I deal with this without being hysterical? Please someone help me with this!!
Please do not complicate things for yourself. You are a beautiful person and are about to experience one of life's greatest joys--motherhood. I know pornography is sickening and distasteful. I can't stand why women would want to cheapen themselves like that, but regardless it is their choice to do so. I don't think you can ever stop someone from looking at such things online unless they themselves want to make that change. Do not obsess you are going to need all your energy for that new baby. Be glad your man is not cheating on you with an actual person..These are just images and you should never feel inadequate in front of them. Smile and Enjoy your pregnancy By the way-- Congratulations.
Is it fine for a husband to save naked women pics for collection when wife is pregnant?
My husband used to subcribe to a porno website and he received the daily emails of naked women in his inbox. Occasionally, when he's free, he'll download and save it in a disc, but, he's very open and let me see the pics and tell me I can view them if I like. He just save it for a collection purpose. Is this normal or has he become a sex weirdo? Or whether, what he said is true, just for collection purposes? The only thing that I felt uneasy about this is because I'm currently pregnant and am not sure when my husband viewed those photos, is there any meaning behind it? Any advise or that's normal for every man to view naked pics sometimes?
Aside from masturbation purposes (since you are pregnant) I don't see anything wrong with it girl, at least he's not going around cheating ^-^

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