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How is gay life in Ottawa?
I was wondering if Ottawa is a good place to go to study abroad and have an open gay life... I know the best places are Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, but is Ottawa a good place to go as well?
While Toronto, Montreal and I believe Vancouver have actually recognized "Gay Villages" Ottawa is lacking that aspect... they've been debating for years on where to build a gay community center... Ottawa's Pride Festival is commonly mocked as being too small, but at least they have one...

Ottawa is home to multiple post-secondary institutions, and spans a range of lifestyles. It has a lower crime rate than Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal because it's a less concentrated population (Ottawa spans a lot of rural space as well as urban and sub-urban). There's GLBT publications, clubs, groups, and social support available in Ottawa.

You could do worse than Ottawa. If you're looking for somewhere that's not a massive major city but you want access to resources or a community, that's probably your best bet. It's a rather laid back city.
Are there any gay get togeters in ottawa?
hi i was wondering if there are any gay get togethers in ottawa.
Sure are. Check out this site.…

It's more of a resource site, but it's Ottawa based.
Why am Ihaving trouble finding gay ottawa ,com I have always found it before?
I cannot find gay ottawa .co mI have always found it before without any trouble
Is the Royal Oak on Bank Street, Ottawa (near Hartman's) a gay bar?
I had a beer there the other day, and noticed that nearly all the other customers were male. I have nothing against alternative lifestyles, I was just embarrassed to be in the wrong bar.
No, it's not a gay bar at all.

It's in Ottawa's gay-bourhood but not specifically a gay bar, as in, it's not marketed or promoted for the gay community.

I've been there a few times and it's always been a pretty typical straight bar.
Gay in Ottawa?
Is there any gay village in Ottawa? Any activites, art, shows, etc..
lol, it's one block downtown. I dare you to find it!

Pride is in August though....
Gay Deaf or Hard of Hearing Chat sites in Ottawa Or Canada ?
I'm looking for chat sites or dating sites for people looking for gay hard of hearing people. There doesn't seem to many of those here in Canada. Any suggestions would help!
there's definitely no such site..
you should look up forums or something,
Hi everyone, i would like to know is there any site to meet gay people in ottawa?
i mean free sites where you can meet people not only for sex. thanks
These were the the ones that I found (:
Good Luck!
Where Are Some Places For Gay Youth Teens in Ottawa?
same as ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i just wanna talk to people, i just came out not to long ago, and meet people like me
You could try GYC...just go on google and search GYC[Gay Youth Corner]

From there...make a account and then you can search people that are near your area...BECAREFUL because you know...some people aren't who they say they are...not telling you to not find people...but just becareful
Gay stripping club in Ottawa/Canada?
Any gay stripping club in Ottawa (not Swizzles). I want real stripping...
The place that use to be Fanny's (next to Atomic / On Tap) is a male strip club now (no idea what it is called). You might also try getting information from one of those stores on Bank St. There seems to be a place that sells gay pornography (at least that is what it looks like based on the signage) -- if anyone would know they would.

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