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Where in the world would be a good place for a celebrity show in the wild?
i have an english project and i need help finding out a place to shoot the show in.(this is not in real life btw) and its due on the 9/06/2009 or next thursday. if anyone has an answer, plz tell me! thanks! Also, the show is called 'Celebrities gone Wild. (dont ask y i named it tht!)
What celebrity would you go wild for if you saw them in public?
or would your heart just beat really fast and you'd start shaking..
Jennifer Hudson
Halle Berry
Jada Pinket-Smith
Vivica Fox
Nia Long
Lynn Whitfield
Kelly Shangyne Williams
Regina King
Venus Williams
Serena Williams
Laila Ali

There's a theme there, somewhere....
Celebrity gossip: Do u think that Taylor Momsen would be wild enough to go on Girls Gone Wild?
I mean so many other young celebs already had their secret stories leaked out like Miley, Jamie Spears, selena, etc. I mean she seems like the type based on how revealing she likes to go and that dude who does GGW is absolute pig who will put any sexy girl on his show especially a celeb. He's already faced several age cases where he allowed age girls on it.
She looks weird now!
When celebrities are on wild diets, do they eat meat?
like when they shed a lot of pounds and they are actually considered "skinny" not the celebs that go from obese or overweight to a "healthy " range, but i mean the ones that look good...do they eat meat?
Depends on whether they get lean and muscular or just waste away to look like stick insects in clothes. The ones with muscle obviously eat meat, but the likes of victoria beckham subsist on a diet of leaves and Versace size double 0 dresses
GUYS: which celebrity do you think is the hottest/prettiest etc. Which celebrity body makes you go wild?
thanks soo much
wentoworth Miller~
Do I have to regret celebrity "destructive" celebrity obsessions?
Ok, about 2 or 3 yrs ago I had this obsessions with celebrities and trying to look like them. I spent so much time that it affected my college grades, etc etc

So, after I got over that.... I started to see that as a bad period in my life. As something I should feel regret and shame about.

But now, I have revisited the issue. And maybe I shouldn't regret it? college grades don't even matter in the avg. job. I never wanted to be a rocket scientist.

and I think those obsessions actually helped me! because most of those were actually good role models. (not the wild-drunk celebrities)

So, even though I had negative consequences about it, I also had positive results. Since me trying to be like them also changed me for the good.

Now I care about my appereance in a healthy manner, which I didn't before all that.

Now, I have a sweeter, more of a good boy personality because of it. I guess at first I was just imitating, but now it is part of me! Me trying to imitate people like (a recent example, David Archuleta) made me go from being a jerk to someone nice, actually.

So, is it ok to not regret that kind of stuff or am I just rationalizing to not feel bad about it?

Obsession is obsession and there's never a health type of it. It's good to have role models, but to become overly fanatic about it may cause you to miss out on other points in life. It's fine not to have regrets though, because NOW is what is important (as opposed to the past).
I'm glad that you feel like people have influenced you to be a better person. It's always great to hear that!
Which celebrity should I have sex with?
I posted a question similar to this! However, I like wild sex! I am going to have sex with a celebrity. I want it kinky. I don't know which celebrity to choose. I am blonde. I have large breast. I would consider myself very attractive. I am attractive to guys with dark, sexy skin. I like Tatum Channing, Zack Effron , Ryan Sheckler, but I want your opinion. I am thinking about doing it on Valentines Day! Who should I go with? Find me a picture and post the link, too!
colin farrel!
Celebrity impersonators olny what song u perform makes the crowd go wild ?
hello there i would like to know what song u perform makes the crowd go wild and how many times do u perform it and how many nights do u guys perform i sure wish i could do some of the things u do thanks so much u guys rock!
my cousin does elvis 6 nights a week and he rocks.
Survey: What 3 celebrity hotties would your significant other agree to let you go out with?
List them, even if you're not allowed to.

I got approved for:

Isla Fisher
Ludivine Sagnier
Kate Beckinsale

Wild card: Eva Green
Ryan Reynolds
Shia Labeouf
Taylor Lautner (after he turns 18 next month, of course)

I don't have a wild card. Does that mean I get to pick one?
If you see someone famous do you act wild or stay normal?
I might be going to the emmy awards with my mom's boyfriend, and I don't know if I should lose control and go crazy or stay calm and act normal if a celebrity comes near by! For example, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Rihanna, Hayley Williams (Paramore)! I love Robert Pattinson and i don't know how to act if i see him there! Somebody who has seen a celebrity, plz help!!!
Try to stay as calm as possible.
However, I think it will be quite hard.
Because if it was Robert Pattinson, I'll probably start hyperventilating and probably collapse. LOLS.

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